To Those Who Adventure

To those who adventure, life itself is the greatest adventure of all. —me

Hi friends! 

Today’s post will be a short one. It happens to be one of my very favorite adventurer’s 30th birthday. To the guy who let me tag along, whether it was hiking, muddin’, camping, or scrambling up and down the mountains of Virginia: It’s your day; I hope it’s a good one!

Anyway, I was always your typical, tag-along little sister. But Ben wouldn’t just let me tag along. Oh, no—I had to participate. And you know what? Many of those things are now my very favorite activities.

In honor of his 30 years, I just want to give you a snap-shot of how our relationship works. Take last weekend for example. We were at Holden Beach, North Carolina with our family last week. The night before we left around 11:30, I noticed Ben setting up his tripod and camera near the end of our house’s wooden walkway. He explained that he planned to use a long exposure to get some shots of the night sky along with the ocean. 

Of course, as many times before, I was content to just stand there (outside is my happy place, y’all) and watch. Nod when the lighting was good, tell him when the flashlight we used didn’t quite hit the Milky Way. Seriously, the photos turned out really well. 

But after a few shots and playing with highlighting parts of the sky or ground with a flashlight, Ben looked at me and asked a question. (Exact wording may vary, but you get the gist.)

“Hey, would you want to run up and down the beach and shine the flashlight on the water so it stands out more?” 

And what did I do? I only hesitated momentarily before I said, “Sure!”

Thus began my series of sprints up and down the beach. Of course, I couldn’t see when I was in or out of the frame, so with Ben on speaker phone, around midnight, I was running up and down the beach with a flashlight pointed (very specifically) on the white caps.

The whole time, I was hoping the shrimp boats didn’t think I was sending out an SOS. Nope, it’s just a crazy girl running up and down the beach to highlight the waves for a photo—continue as you were. 

There was a point when Ben asked me to keep the light steady, and I believe I informed him (or at least wanted to say) that he would get what he got because I was sprinting in sand. I mean, how do you hold a light steady while you run and try to point it sideways at the ocean while not falling face first into the sand? 

Then, I finish. I come to a dramatic stop and I hear from the phone in my hands, “Uh, did you just fall?” I gave the ocean a “Seriously?” kind of look. Then, I replied, “No, I stopped.” 

I was then asked, “Hey, keep the light on and walk back toward the dunes.” 

When I got to the right place, he told me to stop, turn around, and face the ocean while keeping the light focused only a few feet in front of me without shaking. 

Then he says, “Okay. There’s a clip on the back of the light. Pop that open and see if you can hold it steady in your mouth.”

Yep. You guessed it. I put the clip in my mouth and tried to point the light as he directed. But, as you can imagine, I was still a tad out of breath from sprinting up and down the beach. So, I had a little trouble holding the light while trying to catch my breath. 

Apparently I did alright. He then asked if I could raise my arms up in the air like I was celebrating or saying “hallelujah.” I did that too. Then we were done. For the night at least.

I went to bed around 2, then got up at 6 to assist him in a product photoshoot for a new apparel company. (You should definitely check out Coastland Apparel. I only got to test a hat, but the fit is super comfortable!)

This is life with Ben as my brother. It’s always a little weird, unpredictable, and an adventure. But y’all, I always walk away with a really good story.

So, happy birthday to the weirdest, best brother a girl could ever hope to roll her eyes at. I love you Ben. Enjoy your Big 3-0! 


p.s. I’ll get you some pictures of my attempts at running as soon as I have them. I haven’t even seen them yet! (Ben [ehem, Katie]: Hint, hint.

3 responses to “To Those Who Adventure”

  1. Love this!!!!!! And Love both of you!


    1. Stephanie Livengood Avatar
      Stephanie Livengood

      🙂 Thanks, Aunt Vic! Love you too! ❤️


  2. Vickie and I think so much alike, we steal each other’s thoughts and sentences! In this case, she stole mine again! LOL
    I love this blog about your brother, and love you both without end. So glad you have begun to write again!


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