Mind-Body Healing

Part of healing from trauma means remembering rightly. Or re-membering, as Ann Voskamp says—”being made whole.”1

In my healing, I had to learn to look at myself, my memories, my experiences—my entire life and being—differently.

I had to learn to embrace the beauty and the brokeness both as a part of my story.

And I learned how I carried so much of my trauma in my body—it’s not so separate from our souls, emotions, and minds as some might have you think.

So my body began to heal too.

I saw a breakthrough moment as I sat alone in the mind-body studio where I’ve been taking Barre classes for the last month.

I finally feel safe in my own body.

I know, I know. This body, this earth is not my ultimate home. Maybe has been a taboo topic—the body—in your faith world. There will always be a tingling of unrest; I get that. I feel that. But for now, God has made His home with us here in our bodies through the presence of His indwelling Spirit (see John 14:23).

So, embrace the body you’ve been given—the story all the lines and curves and scars will tell. Hold it tenderly; call it beloved. It’s a benevolent gift in this cursed world to be loved and seen as we are—even by our own eyes.

  1. Ann Aoskamp, “How to Mend All Your Broken Places,” (in)courage, February 18, 2011, https://www.incourage.me/2011/02/how-to-mend-all-your-broken-places.html.

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