Tuesday Truths, Tips, Monday Memes, and More!

Confession: I’m not great at social media. I don’t know a lot about SEO. And I’m new to trying to schedule out blogs and post them regularly.

But I think the most important part of writing is showing up day after day.

So, here’s how I’ll be in this space. I hope you’ll join me!

Monday Memes: A collection of memes that I’ve seen across the internet specifically relating to those who love writing and reading.

Tuesday Truth: The first Tuesday of every month, beginning August 2, I’ll be posting some faith related encouragement.

Tuesday Tip: On the third Tuesday every month, beginning August 16, I’ll be posting simple grammatical, publishing, editing, or writing tips.

Fiction Friday: Eventually, I’ll be posting a series of Episodic fiction. Right now, I’m in the middle of planning out two stories—one for a book, and one for this—so, when I get that planned out, you’ll start seeing those posts. Hopefully in early September. Until then, this is when you’ll find my book reviews. These will happen only as I have them ready. 🙂

I appreciate you being here, and I hope to connect with you more soon!

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