#TuesdayTips How to Find Your People

As an introvert, I was hesitant to get into any kind of writing group, but it was an unexpected blessing, though I’m no longer in a formal group. In fact, I’d say it’s almost reversed my opinion of social media.

Being in a small town in NC, it’s a rough go trying to find other writers, especially who both share my faith and my love of both fiction and nonfiction writing. I have the same struggle as an editor. There are only things that your editor friends will get. In a way, I miss the days when I shared an office with two other editor friends—who are still among the first I text when I have an editing question. Always. 

Here are a few of the sites and groups I’ve found helpful:

Linked In. Surprisingly, I’ve met a lot of new friends in the field here—many who are freelancers like myself. This has also been a great way to meet and vet clients.

Facebook Groups. Avid Readers of Christian Fiction is my favorite, as it helps readers and authors. For authors of fiction, My Book Therapy Voices. For authors of non-fiction who are members of Hope*Writers, the private group is engaging and informative.

GoodReads. I’ve met a lot of neat people in launch team chats, and many of us have connected on GoodReads too.

Instagram. Follow the right tags (#amreading, #writerlife, #hopewriters, #faithwriters #Christianfiction are some good ones for readers and writers), pay attention to what your other writer/editor friends share from people they follow, and go follow them too! 

Organizations like Hope*Writers (which I think is best for non-fiction writers at this time) and My Book Therapy/Novel Academy are also wonderful connecting points.

Aside from that, keep in touch with any writers or editors you work with . . . you never know how you’ll be able to support each other until you try it. 

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