My goal is to help you feel confident about your work.

You believe in your brand, your message, your mission—and others should too. Does putting the information in your head on paper—or on screen—intimidate, overwhelm, or exhaust you? That’s where I come in.



Developmental Edits

The developmental edit (sometimes called content or substantive edit) could be called the big picture edit. My process includes managing organization, offering suggestions for titles and subtitles, and a thorough read to assess the flow and consistency of content and wording. I suggest rewrites if necessary, verify theological accuracy, and collaborate with you to make sure your heart and voice shine through.

Copy Edits

The copy edit (sometimes called line or grammatical edit) gets into the details. In this type of edit, I do a line-by-line read for grammatical issues such as word choice, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, punctuation, readability issues, and footnote formatting. I follow the same practice as most trade book editors, using the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition and the Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, 4th edition.


A proofread is a quick review of the final manuscript, noting glaring errors in grammar, organization, or design. Usually, this is done by looking at a fully designed PDF or reviewing in the KDP app.


Whether you’re looking for ghostwriting, blog posts, articles, Bible studies, curriculum, or even back cover copy for books, I’m happy to help you put your words or ideas to paper.

For editing and writing projects, price is determine on a per-project basis. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a free quote.


Are you struggling to start that book you’ve always dreamed of writing? Or maybe you wrote the book or Bible study and want someone to give you feedback on your latest draft. Whether it’s brainstorming, building a chapter map for that big idea, giving advice on restructuring and voice of a completed manuscript, or accountability for deadlines, I’m here to help you.

Option 1: One Session

One-time meeting for one hour of coaching just to help you get started or unstuck. You can schedule these as needed.

Option 2: Six-Month Package

If you want someone to take every step of the book-writing process with you, I’m happy to help! This package includes a one-hour phone call each month.

Free Sample Edit

Once you’ve received the quote for your project, you can submit the first five pages of your work-in-progress for a FREE sample edit.

This will help us determine if the type of edit you’ve selected is the best fit and include a letter with recommended next steps—even if you don’t decide to work with me.

Want to work with me?

Fill out the form, and I’ll send you a Calendly link so we can set up a meeting.

Questions are welcome.

If you have an idea for a story and have no idea where to start or want to write and are just curious about the process, use the form below to schedule a free consultation via phone or zoom.

Kind words from clients

Stephanie is an accomplished professional! She is engaging, thoughtful, and brings her knowledge and insights to this engagement. I feel blessed to have found her, for she is truly a blessing.

— Wayne

Stephanie knocked this project out of the park! She’s bright. She’s creative. She’s detailed. She will give you more than what you ask for. She is helping my book become so much more than I dreamed. I am going to recommend Stephanie to all of my author friends, and I recommend her to you also!

— Timothy

I’m so glad that I decided to work with Stephanie. Her suggestions and advice were very helpful and clear. She was very detailed and organized. She answered all my questions with great tolerance. She’s so friendly and comfortable to work with. As soon as I finished the collaboration on my first book, I booked her for my second. I’m looking forward to working with her again.

— Nadia

I worked with Stephanie on one of my clients’ manuscripts and am so glad I did! She went above and beyond and really helped the manuscript get to where it needed to be. She is personable, precise, and punctual, and I really enjoyed working with her.

— Tori

I have been very happy with work Stephanie has done for me. Her attention to details, quick response, and professionalism have made this a very worthwhile collaboration. Thank you, Stephanie for all you have done for my book.

— James

It was awesome working with Stephanie. She seemed even more enthusiastic about my project than I was! Thanks for the great work!

— David

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