What I Do


Blog posts, social media content, Bible studies, books, curriculum, coaching plans, marketing copy—I truly enjoy creating a variety of quality content.


With almost six years of editorial experience, I’ve helped authors shape their words for hundreds of resources including Bible studies, magazines, videos, books, blog posts, and website copy. I served as the managing editor for Lifeway Students’ monthly devotional magazine Essential Connection for five years and now am the developmental editor for Lifeway Girls Devotions.


Are you struggling to start that book you’ve always dreamt of writing? Or maybe you wrote the book or study and want someone to give you feedback on your latest draft. Whether it’s building a chapter map for that big idea or giving advice on restructuring and voice of a full manuscript, I’m here to help you.

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Lifeway Kids

Worship KidStyle (2014-2015)
Completed copy edits, including fact checking, for volumes 9-12

More Devos (2014-2015)
Assisted with copy edits for 4 issues of this devotional magazine for kids ages 4-7. I also wrote the April 2015 issue

Adventure Devotions (2014-2015)
Assisted with copy edits for 4 issues of this devotional magazine for kids ages 7-10

Bible Express Devotions: Girls (2014-2015)
Assisted with copy edits for 2 issues of this devotional magazine for preteens. I also wrote four of the Girls issues for May 2015, June 2015, April 2016, and July 2016

ParentLife Magazine (2014-2015)
Assisted with copy edits for 7 issues of this magazine for parents of young children. I also wrote an article titled “Busy Boxes” for the May 2015 issue

I’m A Christian Now (2015 update)
Completed copy edits for this resource as well as writing activities for two sessions in each age group

The Gospel Project (2020-present)
Occasionally fill-in as a copy editor for content, but create RTF documents and review DVD and files discs for every quarter


Lifeway Students

Essential Connection (2015-2020)
Served as the managing/developmental editor for this monthly devotional magazine for teens, completing 60 issues during my time on the project

The Gospel Project for Students (2015-2018; 2022-)
From 2015-2018, I conducted copy edits including fact checking, writing the occasional introductory option, and assisting with planning meetings as needed for 11 quarters of this curriculum. In 2022, in addition to copy edits, I wrote Midweek sessions, One Sheets, Family Connection guides, and Middle School options and questions.

Explore the Bible (Spring 2020)
Filled in to help with copy edits for 1 quarter of this curriculum.

Short-Term Bible Studies (2015 – Present)

  • Supplied content and activities for various leader guides

  • In Light of This | Lifeway Girls Devotions, November 2021

  • The Comeback | Lifeway Students Devotions, November 2021

  • Truth and Love | Lifeway Students Devotions, December 2022

Developmental Editor

  • Ephesians: Your Identity In Christ (Teen Bible Study) by Tony Merida | 2016

  • 100 Days by Angela Sanders | 2018

  • Run the Race by Trey Brunson | 2019

  • Milestones Vol. 5: Salvation & Church by Jeff Belcher | 2019

  • Chasing Love by Sean McDowell | 2020

  • Peace (LifeWay Student Devotions) | November 2020

  • No Matter What (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | December 2020

  • Choose Kindness (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | January 2021

  • God’s Power is Greater Than Will Power (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | February 2021

  • Relationship Goals (Lifeway Girls Devotion) | March 2021

  • Embrace (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions) | April 2021

  • Cherished (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions) | May 2021

  • Faithfulness (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions) | June 2021

  • In the Waiting (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions) | July 2021

  • Goodness Gracious (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions | August 2021

  • Poured Out (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions) | September 2021

  • In Every Way (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions) | October 2021

  • In Light of This (Lifeway Girl’s Devotions) | November 2021

  • Jesus 101 (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | December 2021

  • Cultivate (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | January 2022

  • Even Then (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | February 2022

  • The Essentials (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | March 2022

  • Chosen (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | April 2022

  • Presence and Purpose (Lifeway Devotions) | May 2022

  • Unveiled (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | June 2022

  • Count the Stars (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | July 2022

  • By Your Name (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | August 2022

  • Spirit & Truth (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | September 2022

  • Three-in-One (Lifeway Girls Devotions) | October 2022
  • Isaiah by Melissa Spoelstra | 2022

  • Follower by Lifeway Students | 2022

Copy Editor

  • Be A Man by John Paul Basham (2016)

  • A Beautiful Design (Teen Bible Study) by Matt Chandler (2016)

  • All Things New (Teen Bible Study) by Kelly Minter (2016)

  • To God Alone by Brandon Smith (2016)

  • We Saved You A Seat by Lisa-Jo Baker (2017)

  • A Beautiful Story by Erin Davis (2017)

  • James: Faith Works by Matt Chandler (2018)

  • Grounded by Clayton & Shari King (2018)

  • Within Reach by Ben Trueblood (2019)

  • Gospel Above All by J. D. Greear (2019)

  • Milestones Vol. 1: God by John Paul Basham (2019)

  • Milestones Vol. 2: Jesus by Hamilton Barber (2019)

  • Milestones Vol. 3: Holy Spirit & Bible by Jeff Belcher (2019)

  • Milestones Vol. 4: Creation and People by Andy McClean (2019)

  • Milestones Vol. 6: Family, Community, and World by Jeff Belcher (2019)

  • Defined by Stephen & Alex Kendrick (2019)

  • Matchless by Angie Smith (2020)

  • Your First 100 Days in Student Ministry by Jeff Borton (January 2021)


Lifeway Women

Journey Magazine
Contributing writer (four to seven devotions per issue) for the following issues: 

  • May/June 2021
  • November/December 202
  • January/February 2022
  • Spring 2023


The Fedd Agency

Copy edits for manuscripts as hired by agent.

Living In Silence (May 2021)
Surrendered and Unafraid
(June 2021)
Uncommon Favor (October 2021)
Letters of Advent (October 2021)
You Can Do Hard Things – Devotional (January 2022)
Watershed Warrior (January 2022)
Single Shouldn’t Suck (February 2022)
Blood-Stained Pews (March 2022)
Cross-Stitched (June 2022)
Dangerous Hope (June 2022)


Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

Copy edits for student Bible studies 2021-present


Student Leadership University (SLU)

Developmental and Copy Edits for School of Leadership student books
Course 1: Influence | 2021
Course 2: Mentorship
| 2021
Course 3: Time
| 2021
Course 4: Relationships
| 2022
Course 5: Motivation
| 2022
Course 6: Engagement | 2022
Course 7: Calling | 2022
Course 8: Dreaming | 2022

Writing for Instructor’s Guides for School of Leadership
Courses 1 – 8, School of Leadership



Epic Media Partners
Writing course content for Discovering Truth, which instructs about apologetics. These courses are used for Christian schools, and I completed 27 lessons | 2020

The Freedom Church Alliance
The Fight for Freedom: A Guide to the Modern-Day Abolition Movement (2022) | Research, writing, developmental and copy edits


Independent Authors

Emma R.
Developmental and copy edits

  • Essence of A Woman | six-session Bible study (2019)

  • Wildflower (2022)

David S.
Public Speaking in A Second Language (2020) | developmental and copy edits

Tyler Z.
Consulting on The Gospel for Enneagram series, including developmental edits. Here are the devotionals completed so far:

  • Gospel for Achievers | 2020

  • Gospel for Peacemakers | 2021

  • Gospel for Individualists | 2021

  • Gospel for Loyalists | 2021

  • Gospel for Improvers | 2022

Susannah B.
Restore: Remembering the God Who Rebuilds (2022) | Copy Edits
Restore: Remembering the God Who Rebuilds – Workbook (2022) | Developmental and copy edits

Wayne N.
Copy edits for a church guide on worship | 2021
Worship That Pleases God (Leader Guide & Learner Workbook)

James T.
Making God Rich | Copy edits | 2021

Timothy B.
Writing, developmental edits, and copy edits for a book proposal | 2021

Lonnie F.
What Does the Bible Say About Anxiety? (Working Title) (2022) | Developmental and copy edits

Laynie T.
All of the Above (2021) | Developmental edits

Nadia S.
Developmental and copy edits for two children’s books in a series | 2021
Hiba and the Treasure Jar
The Scale

Andy L.
Editorial review of a children’s book | 2021
Underwater Adventure

Keri B. 
Developmental and cop edits of a devotional, Thin Spaces

Jeff S.
Copy edits for a book titled, On Your Side Today 

Ginny W. 
book coaching for a prayer devotional

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