Karen D. | Editorial Team Leader | LifeWay

Stephanie is one of the most conscientious, dedicated, and thorough editors I’ve worked with. I can always trust her to do exceptional work when it comes to any writing or editing projects I send her way.

David S. | Writer | Public Speaking in A Second Language

It was awesome working with Stephanie. She seemed even more enthusiastic about my project than I was! Thanks for the great work!

Correna M. | Ministry Leader

Stephanie is an awesome person to work with. She is a hard worker, detail-oriented and did a great job for us. We will definitely use her again if her expertise is needed in future projects.

Caleb B. | CEO of and

Stephanie did a great job for us. We will definitely use her again if a project comes up needing her expertise. She is a hard-worker, detail-oriented, and willing to invest the time needed in the project!

Wayne N. | Worship Pastor

Stephanie is an accomplished professional! She is engaging, thoughtful, and brings her knowledge and insights to this engagement. I feel blessed to have found her, for she is truly a blessing.

Timothy B. | Pastor

Stephanie knocked this project out of the park! She’s bright. She’s creative. She’s detailed. She will give you more than what you ask for. She is helping my book become so much more than I dreamed. I am going to recommend Stephanie to all of my author friends, and I recommend her to you also!

Andy L. | Children’s Author

Stephanie was extremely helpful and easy to work with!

Nadia S. | Children’s Book Author

I’m so glad that I decided to work with Stephanie. Her suggestions and advice were very helpful and clear. She was very detailed and organized. She answered all my questions with great tolerance. She’s so friendly and comfortable to work with. As soon as I finished the collaboration on my first book, I booked her for my second. I’m looking forward to working with her again.

Tori T. | Literary Agent | The Fedd Agency

I worked with Stephanie on one of my clients’ manuscripts, and am so glad I did! She went above and beyond and really helped the manuscript get to where it needed to be. She is personable, precise, and punctual, and I really enjoyed working with her.

Susannah B. | Author

Working with Stephanie was an incredible experience. She is incredibly thorough and knowledgable as a writer and editor. Every edit and comment she made was helpful, and she checked, and rechecked, my sources and endnotes. Her theology is sound and her heart is tender and encouraging as well. When I think about writing in the future, knowing I can work with Stephanie gives me confidence my work will be stronger and better because she is behind it. She is excellent at what she does!

James T. | author

I have been very happy with work Stephanie has done for me. Her attention to details, quick response, and professionalism have made this a very worthwhile collaboration. Thank you, Stephanie for all you have done for my book.

Jeff S. | Author

This was my first time working with a professional editor, and I found Stephanie a joy to work with. She didn’t just focus on correcting the language; she focused on learning my message and collaborating with me to clarify it even more. Her enthusiastic feedback showed me that many parts were working well, some parts needed tweaking, and a few parts needed untangling. Her work brought a level of consistency to the text that I wouldn’t have achieved on my own. By the time we reached our final review, the manuscript had been thoroughly combed through and cleaned up. We finished on schedule. The message of the book is even clearer now, and the text shines! I’d definitely work with her again.

Lonnie F. | Author

Stephanie has gone above and beyond to help me with my book project! She is truly an amazing editor who is a joy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!