For the love of books

Like any good book, it’s not the hook that builds a lasting love, it’s the dog-eared pages and time-worn edges and crinkles on the cover that invite us to stay in love. Or to fall in love again and again.


  • For the Love of Books

    For the Love of Books

    There’s something about falling in love that’s beautiful and intricately mysterious—no matter whether you’re falling in love with a person, a book, an idea, a song, a home, or something else entirely. Though the first of these is what usually comes to mind. And though I’d say I got my first real taste of falling […]


  • For the Days

    For the Days

    For the dishonest days where sun felt like night oblivious to my plight  I am here. For the wind whipped days when nothing stayed right  settled just out of sight I am here. For the rain drenched days when I said all was fine  struggled with the Divine I am here. For the unopened days  […]


  • Mind-Body Healing

    Mind-Body Healing

    Part of healing from trauma means remembering rightly. Or re-membering, as Ann Voskamp says—”being made whole.”1 In my healing, I had to learn to look at myself, my memories, my experiences—my entire life and being—differently. I had to learn to embrace the beauty and the brokeness both as a part of my story. And I […]


  • A Heart Stripped Raw

    A Heart Stripped Raw

    About a month ago, I finally admitted to myself, my husband, and to God that I just don’t know how to trust. Not myself, nor other people, and sometimes, not God.  This epiphany came from a headfirst dive into the work of Aundi Kolber in Try Softer, a book about doing the opposite of what […]


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